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I wish I could reply from the Notification Center but I cant. Make it possible!


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Need the old group chat search system

Barely a place where You Can meet new people anymore

Its really slow

The app is really slow on iphone 4.. Takes too long to load and read messages


NEED A DADDY! CALL ME @daddys_babysgirl

Ricardo2674 Kik Name

Alle Kontakte sind weg :( Habe neues Handy iPhone

Recent pictures

Been using kik for years and I love it, but after the last update when you tap "recent pictures" it shows any picture that has been viewed recently instead of bringing up your camera roll in the order that the pictures were taken. This makes it very hard to find the pictures I want to send since there is no option to view my camera roll anymore.

Bring back search/browser

Hate the new bots, bring back the browser and search ability

Good, but lacking.

Ive been using Kik for quite sometime and honestly Im missing some old features it used to have.. Especially the public groups, my favourite feature was honestly the public groups because I could easily make friends that way. Another thing I think should be added is some more text bubble colours, this doesnt matter as much as adding the group feature back, but it would be nice to have more colours to choose from.

Poor Gif Support

Cant use my own gifs!!


Ive used Kik for about 2-3 years now and recently it wont open or load, but when it does, it opens then it says I have no chats and closes itself so I have to keep deleting and reinstall the app, but then all my messages are gone

Not even safe.

This app is a good messaging app. Great. Now hear me out. Random people text you on it!! Most of them are creeps who are looking to kidnap you. Like really? People, who are dumb enough will talk to them, and they will convince them. A girl died from this app. A man kidnapped her and then killed her. She was 13. Only 13. Please spread awareness. This app is incredibly dangerous.

Somewhat decent.

This app has great potential, but please bring back public groups! Also it keeps deleting my messages!

Still Cant Remove Admins

Love this app, I use it for gaming chats. But unfortunately, your latest update did nothing. Still cant change group chat admins.


Do NOT register with your information. After downloading the app to my iPhone the app asked me to register....after I entered all my contact information; the app gave me an error and told me Im not eligible. If there is an eligibility criteria; it should be stated up front... not after you scam my registration information DO NOT Enter your contact details.



Can you do something about the perverts?

Usually I dont complain about this, but Jesus Christ, they completely ruin this otherwise fun app. There are so many turned on guys that its simply disgusting to put your kik anywhere, and the app itself seems like a makeshift nude trading site more than an a messaging app.

Best messaging app ever

So me my grandma and grandpa and brother use kik and its one of the most safest texting apps there ever was cause u can block people report people if they are being Inappropriate and stuff like that and I have one last thing to say I LOVE KIK!!

Its for smart imdividuals



It glitches and theres large spaces between my words when I write texts.

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