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Extremely reliable

Easy and reliable and fun to use

Group Chats!!!!!!!!

Ive been using Kik for a while and I love it but the only thing I wish they didnt change is the # group chats. They were one of the most fun things. Now I have to find a new way to find friends. Please change it back.

Kik has gotten a lot better.

Its gotten a lot better over the years. I love how theres more chat bubble colors.


My kik recently started doing this to my conversations Ill send pictures and it wont show up but the regular msg box and a small box inside it and it says my profile picture isnt there so please fix this its kinda annoying

Used to be a great ap before they ruined it

Kik was awesome before they eliminated the group #function. By joining groups I made friends all over the world. It is significantly more challenging now for people without an established group of friends to enjoy the full potential of this ap.

Ricardo2674 Kik Name

Alle Kontakte sind weg :( Habe neues Handy iPhone


Was good until they took out # groupchats

Its okay

Kik is useful but I really miss the fact that you could make group chat public so anyone could join it just by writing the name of the chat. When it had this feature I met many friends this way so I really disliked when you removed it.


Why does this keep happening? Its always stuck at "connecting" when Im trying to reply to a message. Why?!

I love it

There are bugs, as there are with every app, but eventually the app gets updated and they go away. This app is great because its free and all you need is an Internet connection to message anyone. I talk to my friend in Belgium a lot (I am in the U.S) and the messages go through quickly. Would recommend for anyone looking for a good messaging app.

text size !!

its cool but id like to have text size options

Great message app

Works great Privacy of use is best

Bring the Groups back please !

I loved Kik since it came out, its been: fast, efficient, fun; however I believe they should bring the groups back on, I hardly have friends on kik anymore, so it will be fun to meet new people. I know they have groups but not as public as one time it was.

Kik please fix!

when I send emoji art or anything that has spaces in front of the text message becomes distorted! Please make it to where extra spaces in messages are not deleted. I like this app and it has improved a lot. I really like using the gifs, there is a large variety of them. I use it all of the time.

Its been messing up!

I love kik but its been such a pain lately, Ive been waiting for an update but it seems like theyve just given up on it?? Icon photos wont show. When someone send me a pic or video or I send them one it wont load!! Please fix or Ill delete.


Really good app


App crashes EVERY SINGLE TIME i try to use a gif. As soon as I tap the gif I want. The app crashes. Also pictures delete themselves from the message field


Kik gives us the ability to talk to friends for free

Not good

It killed it self when the hashtag went not one chat Im in is active. If parents wouldnt stop complaining everything would be better off

Loss of features

I use the app a lot and theyve made a few updates here and there and everything was all good until they took away the photo bomb option a few updates ago that was fun I wish they would bring it back

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